U.S. Renewable Power Profiles: The State of 50 States & U.S. Power Model (PREMIUM VERSION)

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‘US Renewable Profiles - The State of 50 States’ is a comprehensive look at the U.S. Power industry in aggregate and on a state-by-state level. While Federal policy influences power markets and fuel source choices, the U.S. power market is composed of 50 mostly connected, but often unique state power grids. Regulated, deregulated, blessed with or lacking great wind, solar or hydro resources, large or small—our datasets illustrate how every state is different and at a different stage in its energy transition.

Five-page state example

Easy-to-digest content for financial institutions, policy professionals, NGOs, power developers, environmentalists, corporations, researchers and educators.


This version comes with the report (immediate download) and a highly complex U.S. Power Model that will be emailed as a Google sheets within 24-48 hours of purchase using your submitted email to provide access and the ability to download then edit.

  • Inflation Reduction Act spending assumptions utilized
  • Wind & solar build-out and demand forecasts drive natural gas and coal generation declines or increases
  • EV penetration, fleet size and power demand build-up
  • Top-down (US only), Roll-Up (state-by-state roll-up) and Single State dashboards and models includes
  • Generation, capacity, capacity factors calculated and forecasted
  • Emissions forecasted
  • Tens of data sets providing historical foundation for model
  • Data dashboards with automated visualizations
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface

~~~~~~ Consulting or model customization available at $300/hour ~~~~~~

View only version of model available HERE

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What You'll Get

U.S. Power Market Handbook
Inflation Reduction Act Highlights
Summary U.S. Maps & Charts
State Power Profiles
Generation, Capacity, Power Prices
Green Jobs, Emissions
Data Visualizations
U.S. Power Model
Consulting Available
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284 pages

U.S. Renewable Power Profiles: The State of 50 States & U.S. Power Model (PREMIUM VERSION)

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